How to Apply for the Gordmans Credit Card

Gordmans credit card offers numerous benefits to members. Cardholders get exclusive rewards including 10% discount on their first purchase using the card. They are also entitled to special promos, which will be specified in the monthly billing statement. There are no membership and annual fees to be charged, and they can earn two points on all purchases made using the credit card.

Applying for Gordmans credit card only takes a few steps. After being approved, you can enjoy a number of benefits as a loyal Gordmans customer.

How to Apply

There are two ways to apply for Gordmans Credit Card.

  • By Phone: Call customer support at Tel: 1-866-322-1316 (TDD/TTY 1-800-695-1788)
  • Online: Just follow these steps:
  1. Go to this link :
  2. Enter your personal information. These include your name, social security number and date of birth. personal information
  3. Enter your annual Enter your annual

    If you are a married resident of Wisconsin and you are trying to apply for an individual account, you can combine your spouse’s financial information with yours if he is also a resident of Wisconsin.

  4. Input your address.Input your address.

    Please note that P.O. Box mailing address is not acceptable. You should have rural route, street or APO/FPO address.

  5. Click yes or no when asked to add authorized buyer.

    The authorized buyer will be allowed to purchase on your behalf, but as the primary cardholder, you will be the one responsible to pay all purchases. During application, you can add only one authorized buyer, but once your account is approved, you can add up to four persons.

  6. Click continue. Once all required details are correctly entered, you can proceed to the next steps.

    The application is subject to approval. Please read and understand the terms and conditions specified by the bank. Take note of the interest rates and charges, so you will not be surprised once your billing statement comes. The company has APR of 24.99%, which varies with the Prime Rate-based market. Due date is 25 days after closing of each billing cycle. $2.00 per credit plan is the minimum interest rate, which will not be charged if you pay your balance in full each month.

    Once your credit card is approved and you have received your card, you are ready to use it for purchases, but it is best to register online to manage your account conveniently.

    To register, go to this link:


  1. Enter the credit card account details. If you know your account number, just input it to the designated space together with your identification number and ZIP or postal code then press Continue. If you do not know the account number, enter your ID number, name, date of birth, ZIP or postal code and press Continue.
  2. The next step is creating your credentials. Make sure to enter true and correct information.
  3. You may opt to remember the device if you are using your own computer or mobile phone for you to avoid trouble logging in.
  4. You can also enroll in paperless billing, which means you will not receive actual bill every month, instead, your bill will be sent to your email or online credit card account.

How to ACTIVATE Your Gordmans Credit Card

Generally, once your application is approved and you have received your card, it is already available to be used. However, if you still have problem using it, call Customer Support for assistance Tel: 1-866-322-1316 (TDD/TTY 1-800-695-1788).

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