How to Apply for the Bon-Ton Credit Card

Having the Bon-Ton credit card is a sure way to maximize your rewards and benefits as a Bon-Ton shopper. Imagine this. You are shopping but at the same time, you are being rewarded for doing so. Here are the benefits you can take advantage of when you have a Bon-Ton credit card:

How to Apply

There are two ways to apply for a Bon-Ton credit card. You can choose to go for an in-store application where you will be asked of personal, professional and financial information. Another option is for you to fill up an online application form. Here is the link to the Bon-Ton credit card application online:

 On the page, you will see a box that contains all the information regarding the application for the Bon-Ton credit card. Make sure to read it before you proceed to acquaint yourself with all the rates and fess you may incur in the future once you use your card. After which you will be required to enter several personal and financial information. Make sure to not leave any fields blank.

fields blank

After providing all the information required of you in the page, double check to make sure you did not made any typo error as this can cause problem with your application. Click on the Continue button located at the very bottom of the page.

button located

The next page will be asking you for your consent to use the information you provided by Bon-Ton and the Comenity Bank to help you in case you need customer services Make sure to agree and continue with the application. The next page will show you the results of your application. It will also display specific instructions to finalize your Bon-Ton credit card application. You will also receive an estimated dates as to when you will receive your new credit card once your application is approved.  

 Activation and Registration of Bon-Ton Credit Card

 Once you received your new Bon-Ton credit card, make sure to register your card by going to this link: ( This will allow you to access the online management services. Once on the page and you have your card with you, go ahead and click on the Yes button.

online management

A drop down full up form will show that requires you to enter your account number, identification and zip code or postal code. Once done, click on the Continue button below to finish with the registration. By doing this, you can already manage your Bon-Ton credit card such as viewing statements, paying your bills and updating your personal information. You can also view your rewards to monitor how much you already earned.


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